Maximizing the Impact of Value Engineering
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Maximizing the Impact of Value Engineering

How To Keep Money In Your Pocket

The Process

Value Engineering (VE) is most beneficial when performed at the building program, conceptual and schematic design phase. VE is not just an evaluation of the construction costs, it must include all life cycle, energy, utility and maintenance costs, as well as value analysis in the decision process.


The Problem

Some make the mistake of using the phrase "Value Engineering" in lieu of the phase "Cost Reduction." This is especially risky after completion of the working drawings. When done at this later phase, changes to the building design can negatively impact the synergies between systems within the design. This leads to additional services to accomplish the revisions and becomes an additional expense for the owner to pay for.


The Solution

Bessolo Design Group prefers to provide VE early in the design process - with cost checkpoints in schematic and design development to allow for decisionmaking. We work with the entire project team; the general contractor, consultants and the owner, to discuss any alternatives or changes that may add value, including program adjustment. When done at this stage, owners can avoid any significant impact on the budget or schedule.


For more information or further explanation, please contact John Odom at or at 727.894.4453 and we will be happy to assist you.

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